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Thread: 1972 Celica ST Build

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    looks like its coming along good! can't wait to see this link all painted up, any ideas on color schemes?
    Quote Originally Posted by 4age
    "The Miata will get some compliments along with some hairdresser comments and odd looks from the average public, enthusiasts are never really sure if you are a stance guy, a drifter, or a homosexual"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoQuinn View Post
    This is intense! Great work!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lange View Post
    Loved reading through this, first time I've seen it. Makes my "restoration" look tame. I would like to acquire some of these metal forming skills.

    I also kind of never want to have to deal with rust again though, so there's that then...

    Awesome job.

    Quote Originally Posted by dano View Post
    looks like its coming along good! can't wait to see this link all painted up, any ideas on color schemes?
    Hey thanks guys for the complements. As far as color schemes I have always wanted a blue TA22. I really like the OEM orion Turquoise metallic with the oem ST stripes.

    I found an add on the local Kijiji for a 2003 wrx turbo for a good deal. So my daughter and I went for the 2 hour drive to pick it up. We got to the guys house and it was so cool he had like 6-8 nice sports car parked on his drive way (multipul wrx's, an Evo, a Carlos sans celica etc) all in nice condition. I guess he is kind of a car collector. He showed me the turbo it was mint and no shaft pay. He also had the down pipe which I intend on using for the flange and welding a new down pipe to. I asked if he had an intercooler and he took me to his back yard garage which was full of cool car parts he pulled out a front mount evo intercooler. I purchased the parts and took my daughter for supper at Half Moon a really cool 1950's-1960's themed restaurant for supper at 9pm

    I know these motors are not worth much but having a spare motor and curiosity of what the motor will make with a turbo on it has got me excited.

    My daughter came to hang out with me in the garage the other day:

    So the last section of rust repair underneath the car:

    And the patch work begins:

    At this point I remembered that I had ordered some cut out parts off a 1974 celica from a member on and realized I could probably make something work. So I trimmed up this section of the 1974 floor that I had

    Started some real life "photo shop" Took the measurements and cut out the old floor:

    Then the 1974 piece got welded in place:

    at this point with 1972, 1973, and 1974 celica parts welded into the car I was reminded of this song:

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    got the inner rocker mounted up as well and was able to reuse the seat belt mounting bracket. The seat belt fits nicely too:

    The middle of the rear floor pan is rusted through and needed to be fabricated due to a leaky window and standing water:

    Time to disassemble for sand blasting the floors:

    Test fitting rocker panels they are going to need a little tweaking:

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