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Thread: The little coupe that nobody loved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duy- View Post
    nothing about my car is road legal.
    Barely street legal cars are the best cars.

    Quote Originally Posted by clay72 View Post
    Just did the race car yesterday.

    The stock celica knuckles move the strut a bit too far inboard and make some swaybar clearance issues at droop. Too much camber loss too. Could be corrected through LCA lengthening, but I am going to slot the one hole on the corolla manual arms to fit the 90mm spacing to get my angle back too. Next step is making my on GTX2 style front control arms.
    Good to know. I didn't measure the balljoint centerlines, this makes sense. I do know that the celica struts have more camber than the supra ones, and that the celica balljoints are same size as AE86 so parts are somewhat interchangeable.
    - Brian

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    Welcome back Brian! I'll have to swing by the garage some day

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