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Thread: Rear Indepedant Conversion

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    Rear Indepedant Conversion

    Hi I have a 1981 toyota corolla 4 door with a 3tc. I wanted to know what type of rear axles can you swap into so you get better acceleration and gearing. I was wondering if anyone has put a lexus is300 rear axle into a te72.

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    There is a guy in the Portland area who has a ?Carina? maybe...? It might be a corolla... with IRS. Honestly though, it's a lot of work, and there is probably plenty of other modifications that can be done to get the car handling and accelerating the way you want it without going irs.

    Look into GTS rear ends with a 4.3, or a rear end out of an automatic e7 with the 4.1 (manuals came with a 3.9)

    There is lots that can be done to a 3tc to make better power too. The suspension on these cars is very similar to ae86, so lots of aftermarket support there to make the car handle. I have an '81 Hardtop with lots of work put into it. I love the way it drives.

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    Just trade your car for a Celica GT-S (RA64/5) they came independent in the rear. In Japan these models were equipped with a 4AGE. So it's not far off owning an IRS Corolla, but far less work.

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    This takes a significant amount of work.
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