View Full Version : FS: 20V Stuff

12-24-2005, 04:31 PM
Herro everyone.... time to start cleaning out the garage as I am moving in 5 months. All this stuff is low kms as the original milling marks were on the flywheel.

- 212mm flywheel w/ good pressure plate

- 20V ST header (no cracks)

- 20V PS pump

- 20V AC pump

- 20V tranny C52 or 56, i dunno

- 20V alternator

- 4 aluminum kouki rims with snowtires on them. 2 are almost brand new!

- 1 zenki axle, serviceable condition

Thats it for now, more coming

Just pm me offers on this stuff. If you are gonna revscene-style lowball me, there had better be a "happy ending" included with that offer! kekeke ^_^