View Full Version : TOMEI TRAX ADVANCE LSD's!!! $899.95!!!

03-29-2006, 03:16 PM
It is the appearance of the evolution version of 'Technical Trax' that has been evaluated for its highest performance. To give it higher durability, strength, and usability, we developed former model of Technical trax keeping its great potentials and basic structure. This is the 'super extreme' LSD only for the serious drivers who is trying to get higher level of driving.



Also available for S13, and other Toyotas.

I need 5 orders in order to get this price to you guys, so put something together FAST!

Pm me for details.

03-29-2006, 03:20 PM
This is a great product, used in a lot of famous 86's. I always wanted to try one, but they've never been available. Nice Work Marvin.

03-29-2006, 03:38 PM
So how do these compare both in quality and effectiveness compared to a KAAZ or Cusco? Are they considered 1.5 or 2-way...or either one depending on what we want? Any idea what the final cost will be shipped to Toronto...approx.?



03-29-2006, 03:50 PM
I would have hooked you up with two orders Marvin, but me and daver903 just ordered ours locally about 6 hours before your post...:roll

point dexter
03-30-2006, 12:08 AM
How long are you going to be offering these LSD's for that price?($899.95) Also it says that it's offered in 2 way and 1.5 way for Nissans, do they also offer both for Toyota's?


03-30-2006, 12:37 AM
I'll be all over this in a couple months (end of may). Hope this price lasts that long. Price to vancouver? Taxes?

Edit: I gather from the site that Tomei only makes a 2 way for the 86

03-30-2006, 03:25 AM
i do have it, for the price i say it is really good. describing the ride ,it hugs the corner like i had never done before.the noise is minimal.;)

03-30-2006, 12:57 PM
Tomei doesn't make an "Advanced" trim LSD for the AE86. That's a regular Tomei Technical Trax.:e

03-31-2006, 11:33 AM
Yes, there are Tomei Trax Advance.

They are nice and fresh.

You guys have until 12pm pacific time(Vancouver time)

Get 'em while they are hot!

04-05-2006, 05:46 PM

Study your product more before you tell someone they are wrong.

Tomei makes only the Technical Trax for AE86. It has 3 clutch disks per side for a total of 6

The Advance has 12 disks total, 6 per side. The AE diff isn't big enough to house more than that. I work at a Tomei dealer, we know our products.