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05-05-2006, 06:22 PM
Im cleaning out my car audio shelf and theres a bunch of stuff needs to go.
seems to me that not a lot of people on here are really into stereos, but i figured id post it up.
all prices OBO

Alpine Type S 10" sub, model SWS-1041
i got it in trade and only took it out of the box to inspect it. looks slightly used, but not bad.

Kicker 10" sub, model solo10L5
includes box, used but not abused, this thing gets nice and loud.
the box is ugly, but strong and well sealed.

12" bass slammer sealed sub box
black carpet and a nice glossy recessed mounting face. has T-nuts and bolts so you wont strip your holes when installing the sub.
nice box, but too big for my sub.

MB Quart 5.25" speakers, model EKA-113
never used, bought them, put them on a shelf and promptly forgot i had them.

PG 2 channel amp, model 180.2
used for a couple weeks, until the rest of the stereo was stolen and i replaced it with a mono sub amp. nice, sounded good with a Type R 10".

Clarion 5 channel amp, cant remember model number.
its about two years old, but barely used.
spent its life in the trunk of an older guys car, so its a little scratched, but still sounds great.

Black Widow alarm, model BW1800
Never used, taken out of the box to check the parts are all there.
has code learning, dual response mode, auxiliary outputs, and several other features. will do keyless entry and trunk release with the addition of two $5 relays.

thats it for now, if i dig up any more ill add it.

PM here or call 780-893-6572 and ask for Barry.

im open to trades too, looking for an alpine 4 channel and possibly a nice head unit, clarion, alpine, eclipse, nakamichi, somethin good.

05-07-2006, 12:34 PM
bump, this stuff needs to go, recently found out the house is being sold.