View Full Version : Dell Latitude D610

06-05-2006, 10:54 AM
have a used Dell Latitude D610 laptop for sale. Laptop works great, no damages to the screen, no damage to keyboard, however you will need to get a restore CD to reinstall the drivers.

Laptop powers up with windows XP Pro but cannot get onto the internet due to lack of the drivers. You can go onto Dell.com to download the drivers or go onto ebay and buy the restore CD for $11

Laptop battery is fully charged and is in working condition.

Anyways here are the specs:

- Centrino (sp?) 1.86
- 1 gig DDR ram
- 60 gig hard drive
- 128 shared graphics
- DVD/CDRW this is a modular drive meaning you can upgrade
- 14 in LCD
- 10/100 NIC
- 56K modem
- 4 USB 2
- Serial port
- Windows XP Pro
- Office XP Pro
- Kensington wireless mouse

The bad:

- Do not come with power cable
- Needs some updated drivers

Other than the 2 bad parts laptop works great.

Asking $500