View Full Version : FS: Four Michellin X-Ice Tires mounted on Supra Rims with caps. (Brampton/GTA)

The VidKid
06-11-2006, 07:47 PM
As some of you may know, I have run into a dilemma that I need solved within a week:


Now one option is to sell my Michellin X-Ice tires, and mount my new tires on the Supras and use that. So, I'm seeing if anyone wants to buy my Michellin X-Ice tires. Tires are 185/60.

But, if someone is willing to, I'll sell both the rims + tires together. They are currently mounted on Supra rims (with caps), in original finish (not painted), balanced using sticky weights (not hammered-on weights), used for less than ONE winter season, PLENTY of tread left. I'd say 90% tread left.

I bought the rims for $200. Michellin X-Ice tires, as we all know, are the best (and most expensive) winter ice tires you can buy (and use legally in Ontario, anyway). These babies grip on ice like no other tire, and have a stopping distance of less than half of the next leading snowtire brand (well, so says the commercial, lol).

I paid around $700 for the X-Ice, when they were on SALE. LoL. I'm not sure, but I think when they're not on sale they go upwards of almost $1000 with tax + mounting + their warranty replacement thing...

Anyway, I'm looking to selling the Michellin X-Ice tires + Supra rims for $700. I'll be losing $200 on this, but my loss is your gain.

If you want the tires only, I'll sell them for $600 flat.

Let me know within the week!

The VidKid
06-18-2006, 02:32 PM
Wow. This made it to page 3. LoL.

I ended up unmounting the a520's off the gunmetal supra rims and putting the T1R's on those, so I can sell the Supra's and Michelin X-Ice winter tires together, or sell them separate. Whichever comes first.