View Full Version : fs: 1987 corolla gts (CHEAP!)

06-20-2006, 06:19 PM
I am selling my 1987 corolla, i have it posted for 2000 in the bargain finder, and 1500 on this site, i have it sold for 1550 but i have to wait 2 weeks to collect the money, but i am kinda in need of the money now, so if anyone is interested, which im sure there will be many, i am willing to sell this car for 1100 cash but i need it sold today or tomorrow. if you live in calgary or surrounding area, and you want to take it please give me a call. The car has 260km on it, it runs great, no ticking no nothing, the body does need some tlc, as you can tell by the pictures, but the engine and interior are in really good shape. if you are interested, please give me a call at 403-714-3853 my name is lukas.