View Full Version : FS: CRAZY joe 20v PERFORMANCE PARTS

06-28-2006, 01:41 AM
Because i am being forced to trade my car for something with higher resale value to accomedate funding for personal things. I ordered things from joe that will be arriving, late july early august, for Exact pricing contact Joe at


all prices listed here were given to me ball park ranges.

All items are for the 20V

264 Intake @ 8.5mm lift with vvt intake capabilities
264 Exhaust @ 8.5mm lift
assured that would run well with factory ecu and be fine with the oem valve springs

top notch Chromoly 4.4kg flywheel

semi performance clutch system It is still
organic based disc, with more grab than OEM. The pressure plate is rated at
250 hp. So you'll have ample power to work with. Anything more powerful
would either be a metallic race disc Or to a super single type clutch, which is mighty expensive, and very proprietary. Meaning you'll always have to go back to that company to get replacement parts, as they are a combined unit. They also have very very heavy pedal
feel. with pressure plate.

Because joe got these from japan, and how ****ty i feel for saying i cant take them AFTER he ordered them. he had to pay duties and shipping charges and all applicable costs to get these items here.all specified, it may be cheaper when the time comes closer, contact joe at wang_joe@hotmail.com