View Full Version : FS: COmpustar 2WFM8000-AS alarm/starter

08-29-2006, 02:08 AM
selling one of my car, used but i can grab a brand new harness for whoever buys it. it's still in car until someone buys it.

everything in working condition, all functions are good.

asking for $220 FIRM for the whole unit.

install available and extra


08-29-2006, 10:11 AM
yo dude, it's Keishin.. how much including install???

where do u work by the way?

I might be loooking for a remote start for my compustar that i already have.. it's not the 2 way though... how much

08-29-2006, 10:40 AM
very good price. his install wont be a backyard job... his wiring is very well done, and he comes and does it at your place as well:)

08-29-2006, 01:11 PM
He does a top notch install job. I know 3 people who've had their Compustars install from
E-G-6. Two thumbs up! :D

08-29-2006, 07:09 PM
Interested in the Compustars. Let me know if u still want to sell it.
PM me.

08-29-2006, 11:47 PM
kshin86: for your car i'd have to remove the existing one since the brain is different

please PM for info and prices.