View Full Version : FS: HID Kit $200: H4 High/Low Beam Ballast (used)

09-12-2006, 12:50 PM
Used SLC 6000K HID Kit from http://www.1upperformance.com still currently mounted on my car.
Looking to change to 4300K instead.

Has Hi/Lo Beam Ballast but bulb assembly is Low Beam Only.
If you want to wire up your own High Beam to the ballast (ie. drill your own bulb into the headlight housing) the extra wire can be used to do so. I'm no electronics guy so don't look at me for help but I've seen it done!

Since I don't have the bulb out of the car and am still using it i don't have pictures of it. You can see the lights working on my car if you want. Please note that the blue high beam bulb was cut from bulb assembly. There is also no metal shield below the HID bulb as there is in the picture. Please see example picture for explanation.