View Full Version : Chaos In The Carport '72-'74 Toyota parts (604/780)

06-13-2010, 05:09 PM
Parts are no longer for sale as I am leaving the province, and will not be able to ship. Sorry for any inconvenience.

06-13-2010, 06:46 PM
Some questions:

What kind of shape is the 1972 front lower valance in?

I noticed the tail light from the '73-'74 te21. Are those the red side markers for that style of light there? Very interested in those markers.

It looks like you have a pair of early T40 or T50 trannies there that use the early style extension housings and shifters. Curious if they are in fact T40s or T50s.

Maybe some kind soul out there is Albertaland will be coming to BC in the near future? Lol.

06-13-2010, 08:08 PM
I have some answers:

http://s892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/Primo_Toy/72%20valance%20and%20red%20marker%20lights/ check the link for the pictures of the valance and marker lights.

The '72 valance has some surface rust, but no rot. The turn signal lenses are dirty, but not cracked or sun faded. Some of the metal ears are bent at funny angles, but all together a very good piece.

As far as the transmissions go, I have no idea. I am new to the whole Toyota scene. all I know is that there are 2 4-speed trannies that fit a coupe or wagon. I also have a 5 speed that fits the wagon or coupe

I also edited the original post to say that all parts are located in BC on the sunshine coast.

06-14-2010, 12:41 PM
Parts PENDING Sale
-rear side marker lights (both sets)
-trunk lid emblems (i still have some)
-transmission (4 speed)
-'72 front valance
-'72 front fenders with marker lights
-te27 side vents
-push in oil cap (i have one left and lots of twist in style)

If you see anything in one of the pictures and want to inquire feel free. I will do my best to get some more detailed photos.

I MUST GET RID OF THIS STUFF!!! Please help it find new homes.