View Full Version : TE86...patchi gets some surgery

08-01-2011, 09:46 PM
Destroying the legend... The way I see it is if you want +150 rwhp from an ae86 the first thing you should do is remove the a... For it's time (racing in certain classes, cruising, revving and fooling around) the 4age is a fine engine... But frigging junk for anything beyond 150...if that, any model... Any modification... It doesn't matter. To look at or beyond 150 in an 4a engine it costs thousands, + the initial d tax. In short, it's not worth it to me.

So I got a 2/3tc dropped in my lap... Among other things.

Hey, if PR s can get 300+ out of them why not... Nothing against PRs... Rather the opposite... They used what they had, plus a lot of initative and ingenuity, and that was exactly what my plan is.

Engine: 2t block clearanced for a 3t crank. 2t golf ball pistons. Tosco oil pump for better flow. Adjustable timing gear. Kind of a mystery cam shaft... Both that I had were regrinds... I picked the more aggressive of of the two. Of the three heads I have, I picked a 3 series, it happened to be the skinniest and cleanest... And had been welded. Underdrive aluminum pulleys for the alt and crank. Omp 10mm wires, ngk platinum plugs. 32/36 weber custom adapter, custom throttle linkage. Customized header from an h22 Honda turbo manifold with two runners modified.

Ignition: crane cams box with built in limiter and tach adapter output. Crane ps2 coil. The ignition box is connected to the stock dizzy with vac advance.

Fueling: Holley blue pump and pressure regulator. Stock pump removed.

Cooling: Aluminum Honda half rad, bottom outlet swapped to drivers side. Custom rad support. Electric fan from pick and pull, eyeballed.. And it fit unmodidied!!

Steering: manual rack from a zenki sr5. Added an inch to inner tie rods and to lcas, between ball joint and tension rod holes. Power knuckles. Brand new outers, ball