View Full Version : Few random things for sale

08-04-2011, 03:37 PM
1. Bell BMX Helmet. In good condition, used a few times.- $20
2. Scott Snow goggles with silky fresh protective case.- $30
3. Kryptonite Bike lock, good shape, two keys.- $50 looks like this http://www.cambridgecyclecompany.co.uk/images/krypto%20lock.jpg
4. Kona Back pack with Spine support.- $75 looks like this but blue and black http://cdn.mos.bikeradar.com/images/bikes-and-gear/accessories/luggage/backpack/cycling-backpacks/WMB82.gear.bag_kona1_prev-399-75.jpg
5. Skyline GTS-T steering wheel, no horn button.- $take the thing.. please.

Thats all.. will upload pics if i ever find my camera.