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08-07-2011, 07:03 PM
Getting rid of a ton of stuff that Ive collected off parts cars over the years and that Im unlikely to use.. Feel free to make offers.. buying in bulk means more deals..

Locals take preference.. but willing to ship on the smaller items..

Assume all parts are in decent usable shape.. but they're all from cars 25-35 years old.. I wont knowingly sell anything thats totally hosed and make all efforts to disclose condition before we finish the deal.

All prices in Canadian dollars. Payment is cash for locals, Interac Email Transfer (preferred) for Canadians, or Paypal if all else fails.

The first group of parts is from a 77 Celica Liftback..

Brake pedal and bracket $20, part of airbox with fan assembly $30


Set of black seatbelts, front and rear $60. As a guess, rear seat latches and retaining cables? $10


Rear bumper $75, chrome good, probably some small dings here n there as would be expected


Seat hardware rails, hinges for the back of the seat etc. $40


Gauge cluster $30


Rear wheel well interior covers.. rough and faded, no holes/cracks.. probably good for a pattern if you wanted to fibreglass some up.. $10


Rear windows, trim on backside a little bent from removal, glass good, has old tint on it you'd want to remove. $25 each. Misc drip rail trim, front door trim, 5$ a piece.


Wiper motor with harness plug $30, fuse box $15, 1 lower marker light $30, heater controls with panel $30, fuel pump relay, emission computer and seatbelt computer $10 each, tank pump bracket, some surface rust on internal surfaces, external is in great shape $20. plastic dash piece from below steering column, $10


front and rear brake pads for 73 Celica, fronts are brand new unused, rears have some use, $30 for all.. Will fit 71-75 Celica, 71-73 Corona MKII

front bumper brackets $20 for pair

Gas tank straps $20 for pair

gas door $10, other random bits in photo 5$ for each pair..

heater control valve. moves smoothly and easily $20


panel from bottom of hatch, spare tire cover thing.. plywood, with all hinges and latches.. one side good, other side decent but has some paper stuck to it etc.. $20


Heater box (no heater core) $10, Hubcaps from.. something? 13" 5$ each, brake booster with ESP sensor in it, Ive only a small vac gauge hand pump so cant check it very well, but managed to build some vac in it and it seemed to hold over 30 seconds $40


control arms, tie rods, sway bar etc.. offers.


99% sure this is a hatch seal in good shape.. if you're interested we'll get some measurements and ensure if fits.. $50


Tailights and center piece, light pitting/wear on chrome bits.. paint flaking a little.. no broken bolts, no cracks in lenses. $100


Cannon 20R dual sidedraft intake, no linkage, $100
Mikuni 20R dual sidedraft with most linkage, $100
Offenhauser 20R dual plane downdraft intake, suits weber 32/36 (holley 5200 same bolt pattern?) $75
Cannon 20R single sidedraft intake, $75
Lynx 18RC single sidedraft intake, $75

Holley Volumax Filter #162-515, $50, washable metal mesh filter, new in box, comes with 4 -8AN fittings (2 inlet, 2 out)


08-07-2011, 07:03 PM
Now for AE86 parts..

Steering column, no int shaft $10, wiper linkage $free, panhard bar $40 (has bolt seized in one end, so you'll have to get it out and replace the bushing with poly or new rubber or what have you..

Control arm, drivers side, with ball joint tie rod and steering arm (power), no idea on condition of wear parts $40


Trunk / fuel pump harness, goes from fuse panel in drivers footwell back to rear window defroster, lights, speakers, you name it. One plug with 3 wires on it appears to be pulled off.. couldnt figure out what it goes to.. somewhere near underneath the drivers seat.. Not sure if Kouki or Zenki, definately coupe, not hatch though. $20


random Power Steering pulleys including good tensioners, 2 resevoirs, 1 pump (unknown condition) lines that run across the valve cover.. $10 for pulley with good tensioner, $5 each all other listed pieces.

center console, hood latch, rear marker lights, hood hinges, piece of window trim $5

heater fan for HVAC system, $10

Clutch Pedal with bracket, will need new clutch switch (or jump it out) $40

Black clock bezel, no cracks $15
Grey clock bezel, no cracks, $15


Bluetop cams, 30$, little dirty but no obvious scoring or unexpected wear

1 rear disc, 5$

1 afm, 5$

qty 12 x bluetop injectors, 5$ each, came from working cars, but have been sitting a few years

2 DIN radio pockets, one with 2 switches mounted at the rear. 5$ each


Canadian GTS steering wheel $40, as you can see in the pic, the color is missing on the front on half of the wheel, and the leather is getting iffy in those spots, but generally ok.


minty ashtray, 15$, you know the finish goes weird on the front of these, this has none of that, just the tiniest 1cm long scratch on front, cant even feel it with a fingernail


Blacktop 20V 4A throttle bodies with stock manifold, linkage, tps etc.. $150

Front mudflaps $5 pair

bluetop rear timing cover $5

smallport 212mm Flywheel $50

bluetop lower alt bracket, $5


qty 2 x zenki bluetop engine harnesses.. 1 is complete with cracked bits out of the injector clips (will work fine) $50, one seems to be missing the injector connectors and TPs connector (use it for your smallport on bluLetop electronics swap) $30


brake master cylinder brace, made by DK'er (dont remember who), never got around to putting it on, comes with hardware to mount. $40


AE86 bluetop cruise control setup (or at least most of it) .. I forget all of whats required as its been a few years since I was putting this together, but you get 2 throttle cables, vac pump, vac actuator, stalk, steering column cover, speed control computer and spare actuator, throttle bell and stalk (stalk good, mount broken) $75


08-07-2011, 07:04 PM
2 sets of period wheels..

They're both 4x4.5 bolt pattern.. the Keystones are in better shape than the Cragars.. but assume all wheels will want some sanding and paint, or rechrome if you're gonna be real fancy.. no obvious bends or bad rash, assume no center caps.. though I think one or two Toyota ones are on the keystones..

$100 for each set

Keystones are 13x5.5", approx 3.25" backspace



Cragars are a staggered set.. 2 @ 13x5.5" 2.75" backspace, 2 @ 13x7 2.25" backspace
finish on 3 is alright, finish on 4th is rough..


1 pair of non period wheels.. I paid way way more for these back in the day .. please get them the hell outta my basement so I can stop beating myself up for that, hah..

Centerline Pintail, 16 x 7, 4.75" backspace, dual bolt pattern, one of those patterns is 4x4.5, one missing centercap.. throw em up and drift up a 16" storm.. $50 for the pair


Drift rubber! -
3 x P165/80R/13 already mounted on TE7x steelies. 5$ each
1 15" spacesaver spare, 5$ **outside diameter of tire is approx same size as 13"'s above.
1 x 185/70R14 on an MX32 Steelie 5$
1 brand new 195/60/14, 5$


MSD 6A - $120


Mikuni ITB's with TPS. 75$ they're all easily seperable, good for mucking about with a Megasquirt setup.. they're 45mm at the throat, tapering down to 38 at the intake manifold end


08-07-2011, 10:52 PM
Hatch - glass is good, seal is iffy, defroster is unknown. surface rust and bubbling, but no major major rust, great for a resto if yours has holes etc. $100





Hood - good condition, no major rust issues, though paint is crap



08-12-2011, 06:34 AM
back to the front

ps.. drifters, wtf, tires already mounted on wheels for 5$! What more do you want, you can't crash your car any more cheaply than this!


08-14-2011, 09:47 PM
Did you not see the drivers lower control arm and panhard bar? I know some of you curb surfers need em!


08-14-2011, 10:34 PM
Would that rear bumper fit an mx32?

08-14-2011, 10:36 PM
Dont know, but if it doesn't, the rear MX32 bumper I have probably will.


08-14-2011, 10:54 PM
Rad! It will probably be a few months till I can afford to make it over there for a drift practice. If you still have either of them by then, I'm interested. Mine is twisted on one end and getting fairly rusty.

08-15-2011, 02:47 PM
are u willing to ship,interstad in the hood.thanks

08-30-2011, 12:04 PM
pm'd about flywheel

08-31-2011, 12:27 AM
need the seat belts and gas tank straps. pm sent

08-31-2011, 09:02 AM
I need the clutch pedal!

09-08-2011, 06:41 AM
huh, sorry, for some reason I didnt get my subscription email from this thread.. thought there hadnt been any action.. warren, pedal is yours if you still need it.. talk to ya on the weekend or somethin..