View Full Version : Adjustable Dual outlet Fuel Pressure Regulator for carbs + K03s Turbo plus Flange

09-30-2011, 03:02 PM
Came off of a Lotus Esprit Turbo but it is very universal. Has one inlet, two outlets, a return which can be blocked off or used to take the strain off the fuel pump and a vaccum/boost reference port. It is adjustable at the top. Could be used for turbo or NA. $50

I also have a KKK k03s turbo found on the 180hp Golf/Jetta motors and a weld on flange for the turbine and downpipe from weir-tech.com. The flange needs the holes slightly opened up on the turbine to fit exactly perfect but I have no use for it so it goes with the turbo. Downpipe flange fits perfect. Turbo is in good shape with no externally visible cracks or damage. Typical shaft play for a used turbo. $160. I am upgrading to a k04 on my project so I don't need this or I would be using it myself. I also have a used oil drain pipe from a Jetta that is a bit rusty but I will throw in with the turbo.