View Full Version : FS: 85 ae86 parts

10-26-2011, 02:43 PM
going through the parts bin again, all parts left over from swap: all are bluetop 85 gts
all parts work, and im willing to ship everthing but the turbos, i have no idea what to ask for these parts, ill browse the forum and see what the going rate is, and update prices accordingly

oil cooler in perfect shape - best offer
Coil - best offer
Dizzy - best offer
Blue top injectors - $20 shipped
Fuel rail with FPR - Best offer
Oem header - best offer
maf cone filter adapter - best offer
16g Turbo - fresh rebuild that cost 900(forget who did it) needs exhaust housing side - 150
16g turbo - low KM no shaft play, with exhaust housing and waste gate - 150

I think thats all i have for now, the motor got scrapped with almost everything on it, but was basically useless, threw a rod. I accept EMT text me for quick response
six 1 three - 5 three 2 - 9 three 7 six