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04-28-2014, 10:34 AM
Hey guys,

I have recently decided to part out my S13 that I was building into a drift car, so I can focus on my AE86 and save up to buy a house. Parts are all located in Vancouver and I don't have the time at the moment to ship out to anyone who is not local. The coilovers and the fuel pump are already spoken for, but I am sure there are some goodies in here that some SR86 bros would love to get their hands on. Everything was assembled and put together by Greenie AKA Chris Scremin. Most of the prices are firm.

Stance GR+ pro SSD-2. 12k 10k rates. high end stance coilover, one step down from remote resevoir model - SOLD

Brand new Nismo 2-way in pumpkin. w/ new nismo stubs, new carrier bearings, fully setup - $1000

300zx AL front brakes, professionally rebuilt at nissan w/ 5 lug hubs - $600

rear R32 5 lug hubs and s13 brakes - $200

Powered by Max s13 TC rods, brand new - $200

Powered by Max s13 Traction rods, brand new - $200

Powered by Max RUCA's, brand new - $220

Hicas eliminator bar w/ new nissan tie rods - $150

Fortress fabrication FD legal Roll cage kit. bent, notched, with plates. Just needs minor fitting and welding - $900

Pitworks SS cat back exhaust. has resonator and canister, steps from 80mm at the flange to 90mm for you high HP bros. - $400

SR transmission, good shape - $300

SR flywheel, PP and disc. 6 puck with aftermarket skyline pressure plate, rated to 500ft/lb - $300

Built SR20 longblock. this'll be a long one:

motor was a good condition running example. crank was checked for straintness, journals measure/checked and polished (no grinding here).
Block was torque plated, bored .5mm, honed and decked along with timing cover.
Entire rotating assembly was balanced, including flywheel.
New OEM nissan gasket kit was used, along with valve seals etc.
BC pro series rods w/ ARP hardware
Clevite 77 main and rod bearings, new OEM main bolts
CP 9:1 CR forged pistons, 86.5mm bore
Cosworth headgasket and ARP headstuds
Head was decked, valves lapped and seats were treated with a 5 angle valve grind
BC valve spings and Titanium retainers, w/ 264 deg BC cams and Fidanza cam gears (90% sure on cam gears, have to check, built 3 SR's at once)
comes with oilpan, valve cover, water pump... basically everything except manifolds and accesories.
This thing has over 2500$ in parts, and almost 2000$ in machining, not including assembly or the original running SR. -$4000

Genuine Greddy intake manifold, w/ stock TB - $700

Sard top feed fuel rail, Sard 800cc top feed injectors, Sard FPR w/ gauge, fuel filter, and -6 lines and fittings. whole fuel system minus pump - $800

Turbo setup. top mount T3 SS manifold, w/ 44mm wastegate and screamer pipe. rebuilt holset HY35, smallest turbine wheel and 9cm exhaust housing.
V-band 3" downpipe to stock exhaust flange location. with 4" intake and K&N filter- $700

V-mount radiator and IC setup. big radiator, big intercooler, 14" fan on rad and 10" fan on intercooler. has tial knockoff BOV and Wiggins clamps off the I/C.
comes with Rad hoses, charge pipes, all that (for top mount turbo and Greddy manifold). will need some fabrication for installation. - $700

SR dual catch can setup, w/ greddy canister and moroso can. two -10 lines off valve cover, -12 off crank case. all fittings and lines included - $300

Aeromotive steath series 340lph in tank fuel pump for S13 - SOLD

Greddy turbo timer, brand new w/ box - $100

AEM tru boost gauge and electronic boost controller - $300

Microtech LT-10 ECU, custom harness w/relays and x4 ignition module. give it 12v and GND and a tune - $1300

17x9" 5 lug wheels, cant rememeber brand... w/tires - SOLD

SR20 coils - $50
SR20 alternator - $80
SR20 starter - SOLD
SR20 PS pump w/ bracket and lines -SOLD

1991 S13 hatch chassis. grey, great shape, a little bit of rust bubbling but not bad at all. comes as a rolling shell without engine/trans/differential/brakes. has interior (minus seats) and valid registration. was a rebuilt status car, but drove perfectly straight before I started building it - $1000

Please contact me through PM or text me at (778)-237-9468



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17x9" 5 lug wheels, cant rememeber brand... w/tires - $600

offset? If it's 0 or negative, post pics of wheels. If not, I no care.

05-02-2014, 02:16 PM
I think its either -15, or -20 ill take a look at them tonight and post pics this weekend

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Updated list, BUMP