View Full Version : Eibach ProKit set of 4 $250 Vancouver

joey jo jo
04-07-2004, 12:00 AM
For sale: Front and Rear Eibach Pro-Kit springs, $250 FIRM or $275 and whoever buys them can hang out and we can install them. Only used for a few months. I paid close to $400 after both taxes and freight (far more than the "original" price), my reciept is from November, but it took a couple weeks after that to recieve them, and another few weeks to get around to installing them.

So you've seen them on Ebay for cheaper? Then buy those! Here is the situation: I am leaving them on my car for you to analyze and test drive first. They are very quick to take off, so we can do that or you can just call me in advance and I'll get them ready if you already know you want them. (I've got other springs waiting). These springs don't slam your car to the ground (maybe just over 1" drop), and need a spring compressor to install (which I have.) It's an interactive buying experience, so only those that are serious please! I am in Vancouver and have nights as well as the next 2 days off.

Located in East Vancouver call Spencer 604-763-4326 (cell)