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Thread: a project in my shop closer to completion

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    Oct 2004
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    hereare some updated shots of the project. the exhaust system is now complete, this car sounds mean its awsome. the front suspension is all finished up as is the rear. racing swaybar has been installed on the rear. time to start on the dash and hide some of that wireing.

    custom AVO adjustable dampers with springs custom made by a local company to my specs.

    finished header assembly

    you can see part of the sway bar in this pic, nice center exit magnaflow stainless muffler. the exhaust is 2.25 inch all the way back with no cat as the 70,s mini did not rquire one.

    arg wireing, i hate it lol

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    News is that not much more can be done in a while since mostly mini (sp?) will be closed until Jan 7th.

    it'll soon be out there terrorizing richmond....

    now who wants to put a bet into who gets VI'd first....

    his car is more stock looking
    my car is more ghetto looking
    my car is quieter
    his car is louder
    We'll be spinning the tires just about as often as each other everywhere....

    hmmmmmmm tough one.

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