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Thread: FS: alpine n pioneer changer control head units..

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    FS: alpine n pioneer changer control head units..

    had them in the closet for a few years.. gathering dust.. worked great when last used..

    Pick up one of these to go with that changer hiding in your closet, or buy a changer cheap off eBay and you've got a system!

    1 Pioneer KEH-P5600 - changer control cassette deck, power mechanism, 35Wx4, harness and mounting cage (not needed for toyotas).. uses the square blue changer control plug..

    1 Alpine TDM-7534 - changer control cassette deck, power mechanism, 25Wx4, harness, uses the M-Bus changer control system.. (8 pin round DIN style plug)

    15$ each.. or both for the low low price of 25$!!!

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    intrested, but wondering when u would possibly be in vancouver, cause i am located in south-east side of vancouver.

    do both decks have direct connections for corolla's cause i plan to put one in a '90 4 door basic corolla and maybe use one in my 86 sr5 hatch.

    pm me and let me know asap, thanx !!!
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