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Thread: Hate anything about your car?

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    Jul 2004
    I wish the $17,200 in parts and cars I bought in Japan would show up so I can afford to fix my boring car
    RS Fujimoto JZA70

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    Jan 2005
    OKC, Oklahoma, USA
    Things I hate about my Supra:

    -No cup holder.
    -Sunroof leaks so when it rains I get a soggy driver's seatbelt
    -Needs body work and paint bad, but I keep spending all my money on group buys for cool stuff.

    Things I love.
    -My new RS-8s
    -The uber comfy if not completely crapped out leather seats
    -The sound of the 6MGE.
    '85 Celica Supra P-type 6M-GE

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    Regency Toyota
    i hate the fact that so many other people's cars hare faster than mine..
    VZN185 - 32" BFG AT, OME suspension, ARB bumper, lightforce lights, TRD trans cooler, TRD exhaust, AMT sliders, budbuilt plates...
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    crappy paint and I need bigger cams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truenosan
    rust is my biggest problem. other then that, its just little problems here and there
    WHAT CHU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS!? hahaha. and yea i agreee, no stock wheels for me ever again...

    my car....i hate the ubergayass wheels i'm running (supras + snowflakes) with my 1 inch flare. its embarrassing. also, i wish i had a real LSD. clutch is on its way out....nothing about the car that i hate that can't be fixed....but mo chin la!

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    I hate the paint on my car. The half spray can, half 20 year old paint just looks like ass unless it's raining or dark.

    Otherwise, there's always something that needs fixing, but that pretty much always requires $$$ and time, which usually don't come together :crybaby:

    I miss the sweet sound of the TVIS at open throttle, but I prefer the smoother feel/more driveable feeling of the red top.

    I love my car. It is so effortless to drive and provides cornering bliss (but yeah, I wish it was faster!)

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    Rust, dome light doesn't work, rear window brake light doesn't work (big deal, it's going buh bai in a few days anyways), issue with passenger side pop-up light, engine doesn't exactly idle very well, engine is dying, engine is gutless (but torquey) with no power....

    Oh yeah, and the tires are mismatched because apparently my front tires looked like slicks instead of winter tires, lol.
    Missing my old 1990 ae92 SR5

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    I thought of another one - it's less applicible now but when you get water in the trunk of these things during the winter you CANNOT get it out - no way! Which means the windows will completely fog over and freeze EVERY SINGLE TIME you park it for a long period of time. I eventually had to cut out the soaked and frozen trunk carpet just to get rid of the water.

    (Once again, a/c can be used as a dehumidifier in the winter! I wish I had it.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lange
    A/C can be added.
    Ya, I know, but you have to find all the little bits and pieces first. Hmm, anyone got a parts car with a/c they want to trade for a parts car with cruise control?

    - J
    FWD. Automatic. French. WTF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by death_blossom
    The only thing I hate about my car is its owner. He's too damned lazy and poor to do anything about fixing the little annoyances and imperfections. But I still am able to withstand his antics......:crazy:

    Funny, that's what we all hate about your car too :crazy: :crazy: happy bday!
    - Brian

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    Dave hates:
    the fact that his car is 55% faded pink.
    how his car will break itself any chance it gets. In new innovative ways.
    aftermarket glass roof whistling at speeds in excess of 65kph.
    crappy ebrakes.
    the strong gear oil smell in the carpet.
    leaking trunk weatherstripping.
    beat/old/dead seals and other rubber bits
    USDM rear bumpers.
    his cheap ass muffler.
    curb rash.
    86 seats in his 87 interior.
    melted washer reservoirs.
    seatbelts that rarely retract.
    body roll.

    and other such wonderful things.

    *looks at other posts*

    I win!
    Quote Originally Posted by greenie View Post
    i like to go into lordco and just yell into the mufflers they have in stock until i find one that tickles my fancy
    Wisdom from NeptuneD on choosing mufflers for exhaust note

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    I have no complaints, after all it runs better than my Subaru. Toyota > Subaru

    Don't call it a comeback

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    The thing that bothers me is that when ppl think they know what the meowmeowmeowmeow they are doing when working on a car and then end up hacking the **** outta the job. Then for some reason it ends up at a certain place and then other people have to fix what has been hacked...
    aka Johnny_Engrish/Wildcat86
    aka THE REAL CUSCO 86..damn biters

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    Koriyama, Japan

    Other than that, I hate being broke.

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