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Thread: Strange Issue with motor/ignition

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    Strange Issue with motor/ignition

    It started out, that i would be driving, and the check engine light would come on randomly...
    this would go away after a few seconds, and didn't cause any problems.

    A week later while driving, the same problem occured. However, this time instead of the light turning off...the car completely shut off while driving. The only thing left on was the radio.

    Coming to a full stop, i turned the car off completely and then re-started it without trouble.
    On other ocassions it has proved difficult to start (ie bogging/sputtering).

    Starter issue? Cap/Rotor? Coil? Maybe whole new engine (excuse for AE111? ) jk

    But seriously..anyone experienced this as well?


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    You'll have put figure out why the check engine light is coming on. you can scan the Ecu for codes. to find out how do a search.

    I bet it will come up with ignition. probably cap/rotor/plugs or wired

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