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Thread: Buyer Beware - VI Custom Car Imports (express custom trailers)Vancouver island

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    Buyer Beware - VI Custom Car Imports (express custom trailers)Vancouver island

    well , its been long enough with my and my friend dealing with tony the owner of express custom trailers / vi custom car imports

    i bought a rhd jdm mr2 gt , solid car , i paid to much but im fine with that and its served me well so far

    my friend bought a 1991 Nissan pulsar gti-r his second pulsar , he had perviously bought one from tyeeimports and everything went fine but he needed money and had to save up again and bought this one with another loan. the transmissions are garbage on pulsar as many of you know. anyway it would only start in 2nd so he bought it to express customs trailers and they said they would look at it with their own "guys" , instead of bringing it to their mechanic which they should have. anyway they tinkered around with the transmission ,the turbo (i don't know why) and piping anyway he got the car back test drove it , up and down the street the engine blew

    Tony (the owner said) I will rebuild the engine for you , i will have a new one on the next boat from japan (in 2 weeks) or you can take any other vehicle worth the same price off the lot right now. he said two weeks sure , ill wait that long i love this car... this is mid July 2006. the vehicle was then towed to the mechanic where he looked at it and said you need a new engine since its not worth it to rebuilt this sr20.. so then Tony said im not dealing with this anymore.. this guy name Corey will take care of it (Corey was the one who tink'd with the car with others) well Corey doesn't know whats going on which delays this further. then when Tony/corey are having problems getting a engine parts arn't being shipped or something with their supplier. so then he says forget it just go rebuild it i will pay anything just get it out of my face

    they bring it the motor-rebuild shop he says it will be way to much money to rebuild it, Corey quit/got fired somewhere in all this so Tony said heres gord one of our mechanics he will look after you , well gord was a good guy and some process was made. finally Tony said i can't find a sr20 anywhere for this car and we said we can get one from across canada and it will be here in a week he said fine find me the website and i will have you engine here. we bring him the web site he says ok ok ... then calls and says its way to much and he has a sr20 on the way from japan

    the engine is actually shipped and arrives in Canada January 2007 6 months this car has been sitting 6 months he hasn't been able to drive it. Tony just keeps on pushing the blame game around that its not his fault , your lucky im even getting you an engine and so on. well the engine is finally put in by a certified mechanic today its all said and done. but wait Tony says today that im not paying for labour on the engine install or any of the work done on the engine 24x$60.00 = $1440.00 that Tony should be paying to begin with because its his business's fault that the motor blew

    he does not know how to operate a business relating towards cars at all or any customer service what so ever. he also doesn't inspect the cars legally becasue he pays off the inspection place because non of the cars have 3rd brake lights , or reflective side markers or dot approved lights. and i seen a suzuki carry with a broken tail light that had "passed inspection". the cars shouldn't be legal for the most part my mr2 is fine now and has all the proper stuff to make it legal but certain cars , Honda acty's , delica's , and so on he isn't making legal. is where he buys the cars from

    to sum it up , hes a not a great person to deal with , he doesn't care that you have a problem he already sold you the vehicle and tough luck , the vehicles arn't legal , he has never heard of a thing such as customer service just money. my friend has been stuck without his pulsar for 6 months , and stuck with a bill for 1440 which the mechanic has lowered i belive because he doesn't belive its right to charge someone after all this

    go to "dealers that sell delicas" alot of other people have had horrible experiences with Tony and i advise you do NOT buy vehicles from him at all. if you want to know where to get legal vehicles and so on.. pm me ill be more than happy to guide you in the right direction

    just don't buy from VI CUSTOM CAR IMPORTS (EXPRESS CUSTOM TRAILERS) in coombs/parksville mid-island

    sorry for spelling errors , im just tired of dealing with this and its not even my car to being with and his business pratices are just illegal

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    Alas, this is a "classified" area of the forums. If anything this should be posted in off-topic. As well, most of the people here who buy modified cars, import them themselves.

    Good heads up for the island people though.

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    "vender and retailers" i just put it here because i thought it might be the right place since their selling vehicles

    mods can move if you wish

    i just wanted to spread the word since hes a con , that shouldn't be in business

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    Good to know. I've checked out some landcruisers there before. At least I think it was the same place. I remember seeing trailers too, and it was in Coombs.
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