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    A message from the Dori-Kaze admin and mod staff.

    Four months ago, due to a very unfortunate turn of events during a vbulletin upgrade, a large portion of the database was lost. This was the only surviving backup and is approx 1 year old, Migs and Hollister spent MANY hours over the last 4 months trying to repair those problems, unfortunately they were unsuccessful. The last years worth of posts are gone for good. (I personally have spent many hours in the last week manually going through every backup of the database and they are all incomplete due to a very "stupid" 300second process limitation that has on their servers preventing ANY process from taking longer than 300seconds to complete. Unfortunately this resulted in only 250mb of a 550mb+ database being backed up.)

    Users who have joined after March 2007 will not be in the database and will be subject to the application process that was in place before the board was broken. Process may take 24-48hrs to complete and must be filled with as much information as possible. Lazy when filling out the Application = Probably not going to be approved.

    Dorikaze.NET will be the main link to get here, Dorikaze.COM will continue to function but users are urged to update your bookmarks to reflect the new website.

    Migs has agreed that a board of directors style of management is required for Dorikaze to survive this recent loss and has stepped down as Administrator, he will still remain a valued member of the community. We have formed a democratic board of directors to manage DK, and are acting moderators to different degrees. We will do our best to run things in a manner where no one person has ultimate control or say. We will vote directors in or out as necessary, and will invite those appropriate to assist us as moderators. SteveG will run the technical side to keep DK online and running smoothly.

    We believe that is the true and original spirit of Dorikaze. The original grass roots which Dorikaze was built upon.

    What you should expect: DK in its raw form, a tight knit, supportive, and knowledgeable community. New members are welcome to join and 'learn'. Many of the old rules are still in effect, but under a more democratic form of moderating. You will also notice that the mods are subject to the rules just like all members. No member is above another.

    The funds that are sent to support operation costs will be clear and accountable. You will see where your donations go to work. We will be doing another DK decal run in the near future so that contributors can be recognised.

    Thank you for your time and patience, and welcome you to be a part of a positive community,

    The Dori-Kaze Team.

    Crzy Joe/Joe
    Steve Groenink/Steve
    Bryan/Old Rollas


    Please Note: board will continue to be accessible at to allow users to retrieve information and PM's that are stored on that board, posting will be disabled. There is no way to import the information in an automated fashion, everything would have to be individually copied and pasted from that forum to this forum. This forum will not be around forever so get the info you need while you can.
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