Dori-Kaze Classifieds Rules:

1. Location of item/s for sale must be posted

2. Price of item/s for sale must be posted (or best offer scenario indicated)

3. Subject lines for threads must be descriptive

4. "Feeler" or "Testing the water" posts are not allowed

5. "Bumping" posts are not allowed by anyone except the seller

6. Flaming/Price disagreements are not allowed in the thread. The buyer can sell his/her item for whatever he/she wants to. Make use of PM's if you feel the need

7. Multiple similar items are to be sold together in one thread

8. Leaving a feedback post after a transaction is completed is encouraged

9. Indicating when an item is sold or no longer available is encouraged

10. Disputes between members in regards to unsettled payments, non shipment of goods, etc. are not the responsiblilty of the Board, Admins or Mods. *BUYER BEWARE*

***Posts that violate the rules above may be deleted without warning by the Admin/Mod team***

Sale or resale of stolen goods is NOT permitted on Dori-Kaze. DK does not support thieves nor their efforts. Those caught stealing, reselling, etc.. will be banned and reported to the authorities.