The Official Dori-Kaze Forum Rules

The Dori-Kaze forum is first and foremost an automotive-based forum that also offers an off-topic area and a classifieds forum for buying and selling needs. This is a public community that is kept online by donations brought forth by contributing members.

Should you disagree with the rules stated below, or wish to post content that is not tolerated here, please seek out another forum.

No profanity towards other board members.
-Although somewhat tolerated sparingly as part of regular discussion, profanity directed towards other board members is not allowed.

No personal attacks.
-Arguments will always arise and differences of opinion are expected. Name-calling and other direct ridicule or personal attacks, however, are not allowed.

No attacks or ridiculing of Administrators or Moderators for trying to do their job.
-Administrators and Moderators are here to ensure the smooth operation of the forum. They are not paid to do this, and they help whenever they can, during their own free time. When necessary, they will enforce the rules of the board.
-Ridiculing any member of the Admin/Mod team due to the requirements of their position is not allowed.

Offensive material and links to offensive material are not permitted.
This includes:
-x-rated and/or sexual content (including softcore and/or suggestive material)
-racial slander
-offensive remarks regarding lifestyle, faith, or sexual orientation
-illegal activities

***Admins/Mods will update and enforce new rules if deemed necessary.***

Punishment and Procedure

Should a member of the forum disobey the clearly stated rules, he/she will be subject to the following procedure and subsequent punishment.

First Offence:

A formal warning will be issued to the member.

Second Offence:

The member will be banned for a period of 2 weeks.

Third Offence:

The member will be permanently banned from returning to the Dori-Kaze forum.

***The Dori-Kaze Admin/Mod team reserves the right to bypass some or all of the above mentioned steps during extreme situations, and immediately ban the offending user.***

- The Dori-Kaze Admin/Mod team