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Thread: WOuld a cougar...

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    WOuld a cougar...

    Would it?
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    im sure if you offered a cougar some catnip at the bar it would accept it
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    Sometimes I let my catnip hang out of my fly. They always go for it.

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    283 might make you into a rubbing post for a while while it spaces out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Shooter View Post
    Sometimes I let my catnip hang out of my fly. They always go for it.

    quoted haha
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Shooter View Post
    Sometimes I let my catnip hang out of my fly. They always go for it.
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    I went out for an early morning bag the other day... Before work....

    I was cruising down the highway at a decent clip, and on the side of the highway, I barely caught the eyes..

    At least 150-175lbs

    Huge stocky body... Arse pointed at me, staring over it's arse, and I swear it had its eyes locked on mine as I flew by at 110km/h..

    I'll never forget the ****ing crazy scary creepy mug on that cat...

    That's the only way I'd eve wanted to see a cougar too....


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    I was out in the deep boonies doing some camping last year when it started to snow...

    I left the main campsite to have a smoke with another guy (kids around, didn't want them to see) when the lantern-light caught some tracks in the fresh snow.

    Big tracks. Four toe pads, one heel pad, no claw marks = cat. Tracks the size of my fist = BIG cat. And we're talking super-fresh tracks. The falling snow was just starting to appear inside the track.

    Anyway, me and my buddy look at each other, then he looks over my shoulder and freezes...

    I whip around and see this pair of eyes looking back at me just at the edge of where the light was reaching me. Then it turned and went away. Then we went away

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    You guys want to hand them catnip, that's your choice. Not me.

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    I love big cats but if I saw one other than behind bars or in a zoo, I'd probably have one warm leg.

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