If you look closely at that picture, the ditch is half full of water and a wave came over the top of the window sill and soaked me when I settled in there. I was at the indoor go-kart track in Richmond last year, and afterwards, did about 4 nice drifting circles around the circle at the dead end, pulled out of that and hung it out the other way, speeding towards the main road, cranked the wheel, grabbed some ebrake to do a nice slide out onto the mainroad, and that's when the horror struck. I tried to correct, but the rear wheels caught the damp grass along the side and it just sicked me into the ditch. There was a crowd of about 25 people watching the shennanigans. I consider myself lucky that we didn't get up side down in there. I got out and immediately called BCAA to send a tow truck, but before the tow truck got there, a cop car showed up, then a fire truck, then another cop car, then another fire truck, then another cop car, then an ambulance, then another cop car, then another ambulance, another cop car, then finally a tow truck. I told the cops it was fried chicken. I said the steering wheel slipped from my fingers due to greasy fried chicken. He gave me a ticket for failing to keep right (3 points). Aside from the Richmond ditch water, there wasn't any other damage, but the headlight doors haven't performed the same since (they've got a mind of their own now).