From a 1986.5 mk3 Supra with approximately 160xxx kms on it. It's all cleaned up, it actually looks really nice. The valvecovers have been swapped for a set that have been partially sanded down, but not painted or polished. (An awful lot of work went into polishing the ones that were supposed to go on this motor.) The block has been painted blue. I have seen this motor run.

- Front sump pan. (For all you Cressida owners wanting more performance from your MX73 on a budget.) This will fit the Cressida and the mk2 Supra. I can include a mid sump oil pan and pump pickup if you want to put it in something else.

- EGR is blocked off. Custom plates, everything's all nice and patched up for you.

- Motor is fully assembled. It was only in the car it came out of for a short period of time, and it ran in the state we pulled it.

- Includes engine harness, body plugs, and ECU. Everything you need to wire this bitch up the right way.

- Will include a flywheel for W58 5-speed transmission. (If you're swapping it into a car that came with a 5/7M, your flywheel and parts will be the same. You could stick this right onto your stock auto transmission using the parts from your old motor if you wanted.)

$400, local pickup only, don't try to lowball me, and no, I WILL NOT DELIVER IT FOR YOU. I'll shove the car that's in the driveway out of the way, and help you get it into a truck/supra/celica/corolla, but you bring your own engine hoist and ****. That's me holding up my end of the deal.


I can also include a W58 with it if you want to do the 5-speed thing. $600 for motor + flywheel + clutch + W58.