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Thread: MAXGRIP Supra 7.5" O.E.M. LSD rebuild kits

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    Hi guys, sorry I haven't been on the forum lately. fastes way to reach us is by email or phone. Thanks!
    Spence Weir
    Weir Performance Engineering LLC

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    Looks like this thread has been dead for a while now but I have just recently installed one of these kits in my ae86. And yes it is the 7.5" diff in my car. I've got 300 km on it now and it does lock up very good. But I am getting a lot of the chatter and what not that some other people have mentioned. Also I'm kinda getting a bit of a crunchy grindy sound when I turn right. Not so much on left turns tho. I dunno if I assembled it wrong or what but I went over the numbers twice and was very careful to make sure everything went together properly. Hopefully it just goes away like some other people said it does

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