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Thread: FS: 1986 Red AUTOMATIC SR5 Coupe, $800, Vancouver

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    Icon1 FS: 1986 Red AUTOMATIC SR5 Coupe, $800, Vancouver

    FS: 1986 Red AUTOMATIC SR5 Coupe, $800, Vancouver

    ~275,000km on Odometer
    Located in Vancouver, near Richmond

    Asking Price: $800
    PM me for contact details if interested

    SR5 General Specifications:
    Horsepower: 87 hp (64 kW) @ 4800 rpm Torque: 85 ft?lbf (115 N?m) @ 2800 rpm
    Weight: approximately 2200 lb (998 kg) to 2400 lb (1089 kg)
    Engine: 4A-C, 1587 cc
    Engine Type: SOHC 8-valve Inline-4 Carburated
    A/T Transmission: A42DL, 4-speed overdrive w/lockup torque converter, mechanically controlled, with electronically engaged overdrive
    Compression: 9.0:1
    Differential: 6.38" Open with 4.10:1 Ratio, 2-pinion (Automatic) (S292)

    + Koni Yellow Shocks front and rear
    + T3 RCA's
    + Megan Springs
    Color: Orange
    Lower rate: 1.85" Front+Rear
    Springs rate: 250F & 225R

    + New Red stitched Steering Wheel (no idea what Brand) with BOSS hub kit (extra older Grant Wheel included too)
    + New Exhaust Midpipe and Muffler from Midas installed September 2008
    + Heater and fan works well
    + AM/FM Radio
    + No visible rustyness on any wheel wells or in the trunk and fenders
    - Front end was involved in an accident by the previous owner resulting in damage to the bumper and headlight housings, also the fenders are damaged at the front corners, the headlights work fine, but the headlights are left up and the motors are unplugged because they hit the bumper area now when trying to go down. The front corner lights also have some damage.
    - GAS GAUGE DOES NOT WORK, just fill it up every 300 - 400km
    - Red Paint is fading on some panels (see pics)

    + Car was bought October 2008 to teach my g/f how to drive. She is taking the N test soon, so this car is no longer needed.
    + Car always started perfectly, even after sitting 3-4 weeks during the snowy weather this past winter.

    All Photos at:

    Car also comes with:
    + Castrol Oil and Fram Filter for next oil change
    + New Raybestos front brake pads (never installed)
    + Four 13" Steelies with all good tires
    + Four 14" SnowFlakes, 2 with good tires (on car), 2 with dead tires, but 1 of which I believe is bent (came like that from previous owner)

    Car just passed Aircare today with no problems:
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    Thanks for all the interest. Car is now SOLD.

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