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Thread: rear calipers..? any ideas?

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    I'll avoid that fenco crap if at all possible.

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    People probably still come across this thread from time to time. Toyota no longer sells any rear calipers for the AE86, new or reman. I've got a new set kicking around that will go on my car. I'll make sure they last from here on out.

    Repair parts are still available.

    04479-12110 - Caliper Overhaul Kit (1 kit does 2 calipers)
    04948-12010 - Brake Pad Hardware
    04946-14010 - Brake Pad Shims
    47701-12010 - Piston
    47769-28010 - Slider, Lower
    47779-12010 - Slider, Upper
    47547-20010 - Bleeder


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