I'd like to impart a few things from my experience in hosting meets. I used to organize dk meets on a fairly regular basis, and I learned alot from it over the years. I may do the odd one in the future but I've become pretty involved in the local Supra communities now and its very difficult and time consuming to host meets for two large groups, so I kinda stopped. But you guys seem to be making out, however I think you could use a few pointers...

1. Pick a time & day that is most conveinent for the group, not yourself. I find starting meets late morning or early afternoon on Sundays generaly the best for the majority of people.

2. Pick a location to meet at that...
A) will have adequate parking at the time and day you will be meeting there (iow the lot is usually completely dead at that time)
B) the group will not be hasseled at. Payparking lots can be very problematic, and lots patrolled by rent a cops can as well. Try to avoid being somewhere where police or rent a cops can legitamitly kick you out of easily.
C) is easy to find and is somewhat centrally located.

3. Give people adequate warning. At least a week if you want more then a handful of people to show up is a good rule of thumb.

4. Have all the info anyone will need in the first post of the thread. The date, time, location, directions, itenerary and any special instructions should all be in that first post.

5. Reliablity and support go hand in hand. Consulting the group for ideas and suggestions before hand is a good idea, especially when your starting out. It takes a bit of time to earn peoples trust and respect if your going to take on the task of hosting meets. Not being flaky, following through, and being responsible and coherent will go a long way in helping you in that department.