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Thread: 604 summer kick off meet!

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    604 summer kick off meet!

    Hey boys and girls, not much activity for meets in the Vancouver area so let's kick off the summer season with a nice meet this Saturday, June 23!

    I discussed with a few other DK members privately, and we've decided on this plan.

    Meet at Spanish Banks beach around 10:30am. Let cars roll in, and have a quick chat. Then we can cruise down to Tsawwassen Mills mall for a proper meet and lunch. We will roll out of Spanish around 11:30-12 and then cruise together to Tsawwassen Mills. Those who don't want to come to Vancouver can come meet us at Tsawwassen Mills. With plenty of parking, we can take our time at this meeting spot, and enjoy lunch as a group. Those without Toyotas can also come! This community is mature enough to have accumulated many friends and members over the years. I may be driving a non-Toyota myself this Saturday as another ex-DK'er will be joining us in his more "mature" sports car (whatever that means )

    Date: Saturday, June 23rd
    Time: 10:30am

    meeting spot #1
    Spanish Banks East Concession Stand
    4707 NW Marine Dr

    meeting spot #2
    South St. Burger
    @Tsawwassen Mills
    Team おなに

    Motor Village Crew unite!

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