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    Ban Hammer:

    It has started to drop. Continue.

    I thought I should perhaps elaborate on the recent decision to purge DK. It is one thing to haze and make cheap shots at people on the board. For the most part it is harmless and we are all guilty of this everyone once and a while. It provide some humour and keep things interesting during the dead time of year. It is a completely different thing to be hateful, miserable and disrespectful on a consistent and daily basis. This is not " saying what everyone is thinking" or telling it how it is. After numerous warnings and consistent disregard for the members of this website you cannot expect to be welcomed by the forum. I believe that the DK moderators have been more than patient with many of the members of this forum, and to be banned from this site means you have been out of line for a significantly long time. In the like 8 years I have been here I think we have banned maybe 5 people for life.

    There is now a ZERO tolerance for negative comments in for sale threads, you wont even get a warning.

    -Zee management.
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