So in this thread here:

.. the idea was put forward that we have a section where someone can have a running log of their build and have replies turned off, so that its all just info, pictures, progress (or, lack of progress)..

The poll turned out in favour.. and so let's give it a try.

This will cut down on cat pictures and pages of 'cool ****', while you hunt for ideas for your own stuff..

I'd suggest that if the original poster DOES want comments, you're welcome to either do your own build log in the Members Rides section.. **OR** do a build log, and create a Members Ride thread at the same time, with a link to it in your first post of your log.. so people can ask questions or whatever..

We'll fine tune this as it goes along..

If you've got questions, comments or whatever, feel free to throw a post up in Forum Q&A or PM me..