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Thread: sr5 to gts fuel float?

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    sr5 to gts fuel float?

    will the fuel sender from a 83 zenki sr5, work in a 87 kouki gt-s, fuel gauge stopped working, cleaned connectors, tested wires, gauge still works but float is probably dirty or something, and do i have to drop my gas tank to remove the sender? and can i repair my old float so i dont have to pull on from my sr5, unless it switches over easily and i can remove it with out dropping the tank.

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    An 83 SR5 is an AE85. They used a lot of different parts, cable clutch k50 trans, different engine. Dropping your gas tank is very easy, its 2 14mm bolts holding the straps underneath, 3 screws that hold the plate on in the trunk, and 4 screws at the gas door. I would GUESS that the sender would work, I know i used one from an SR5 into a GTS.

    it takes me about an hour to swap gas tanks, so don't be afraid to drop yours. Put some penetrating oil on the fuel sender screws, they are tough to remove with just a phillips.

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