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Thread: Socket Rails / Organizers..

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    Socket Rails / Organizers..

    Have been trying to find a way of organizing all my sockets nicely in the top of my big box.. after looking at fancier options, i decided I liked the idea of a bunch of these

    in various sizes mounted on a piece of plywood ..

    only when I went to find some at Canadian Tire, Sears etc.. I could only find em with the handle, as in picture, and they were all $10-12 perrail.. which just seemed ridiculous..

    Then I was at Home Depot last night and thought Id quickly check for them there..

    I discovered they have them in packs of 3, one of each size in the pack (1/4, 3/8, 1/2) for $10.. For the $3 each price, I'll happily just hack off the handle, bolt em down and away you go..

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    I like the plastic peg style with the sizes written on top.

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    Personally I've been using factory toyota windshield foam. Stuff is fantastic does not stretch. Just drill holes for your sockets and done on the cheap. But those strips ive always got at princess auto for 8-12 bucks for a set of 3.

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    rivet or bolt them to the bottom of your tool box drawer
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    Pins are way nicer. I hate the square clippy things.
    I would build them yourself to suit the sockets you've got. If you buy them you'll have an extra slot or something and it will drive you crazy lol....or maybe it would just drive me and my ocd crazy.

    I've got the mastercraft toolbox and foam set with 4 layers. Always organized and I never lose anything becasue it's easy to see if you've got an empty slot.


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