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Thread: 3sgte conversion for te72

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    freaking awesome, thank you!

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    i don't know if this would save you money.
    MR2 conversion to RWD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester-b View Post
    The question is what flywheel/ starter combo do you use?
    3S flywheel should work as people use them on 1UZ with W58 all the time... FWD E tranny like the ones used behind every 3S-GTE stock share the same inputshaft dia and spline with the W tranny... so my guess, use OEM 3S-GTE flywheel and clutch kit if using a W5x tranny. No headache there
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    Not 100% sure as my 3sgte unfortunately did not come with a flywheel.
    the 3sgte flywheel is larger than a 4y so the 4y starter will not work.

    Rock auto has the 4y ring gear same part # as the 22re.

    2.2L Camry happens to have the same ID to fit a st185 crank (read that st165's are 6 bolt not 8 bolt i can't confirm)
    bolt holes are 1mm smaller and need to be drilled out.

    22re ring gear does not fit 2.2 camry(Id is too small) but tooth count is the same.
    the 2.2l camrys ring gear bevels are on the wrong side.( could flip ring gear and dremmel the bevels)

    Might be easier to start with a 22re flywheel. if going the 4y route.

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