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Thread: Jz Resource.

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    Jz Resource.

    I found this little resource page while searching for images showing the routing for the hydrofan and power steering lines in my jza70. It contains several PDFs of the the factory service manuals, electronic parts catalog listings, engine/chassis manuals, even a sump comparison. I'm trying to get the jza70 back to as close to stock as I can, and this was a huge help... As was Brenty.

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    This would have been handy before i finished my 1jz swap. I'm sure it will still come in handy though. Good find.

    Google'd 1jz 2jz valve stem seals. First result. Our very own Mr.Lange:

    Intake Side: 90913-02090
    (Same as 2JZ)

    Exhaust Side: 90913-02089
    (Not the same as 2JZ - Same as 91-97 4A-FE/7A-FE Exhaust Seals)

    Not sure if 2JZ Exhaust side seals will work, they probably will, but if you want the exact same ones, order intake seals for a 2JZ and exhaust seals for a Corolla.

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    cool link Bry

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