its from a fwd4age corolla forum. carl valderama is who i think said that particular method. like this, forum there were a few different opinions on how to teach the ecu. i just tried to go back and find the thread, but its buried somewhere. it might have been 1000-2000rpm all the way to red line at wot in 4th. i think what he was meaning was basically the same as some of the other suggestions on this thread. let the computer adapt to loads from the beginning of the torque curve to the end of the power band. and since i do a lot of wot, i figured it was a decent idea. i also used to have a hiccup around the tvis kick-in point, but after i put on my intake and completed my exhaust, i did a reset, followed that procedure as closely as i could, a few days of hard driving for good measure, and have had no hiccups after that. that was a while ago. I just really am pleased with the 4age. smart ecu, forged crank, great head. good 'ol 4age.