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Thread: A coupe and a 6pack: VQ35DE w/ 6speed

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    A coupe and a 6pack: VQ35DE w/ 6speed

    Begining of original thread Mar 26. 2011

    (((((((((((((((((((This is a copy and paste of my build thread posted on

    Hey all names DeVaughn, sum call me Devo, Blacklavender?,etc. just wanted to post up alil bit of my build process, on 1/30/2011 I made the move to pull my 4AG motor set and sell off everything in favor of a newer more reliable power plant. Now the focus of this swap was not to make a power house or be the fastest, just to have a reliable motor that fit into the car well. SR20 was a thought but there getting very old and need rebuilding plus the hassle of blowing turbos. 1uz for cheap was another choice but the motor again is getting old and needs simple work but it takes alot to shoe horn it in the car plus the radiator usually ends up somewhere near the front of the car in harms way, the motor is heavier at 390lbs with trans, where the Vq is only about at 313 with tranny, and the 4ag comes in right around 276lbs with tranny, sr was about 328lbs. These are weights pulled off the internet so they arent prob perfect but close enough. Anyway to make a long story short I grabbed the VQ with low miles used, price, avalibilty, fit, great weight and 6speed tranny option. Soooo there she is, stripped old motor, sold to a new and happy owner and new motor delivered and waiting for install.

    motor cam from illinois, shes a dirty bird on the outside, needs a pressure washing and scrub down. cant beat it for 900bucks!with harness and accessories.

    got a 6 speed tranny local for 400bucks, new unused warrenty unit he had, there not in top demand so he let it go cheap.

    mated it up and did a dry fit into the car, not too bad, this is as far as is got till the tranny got wedged in the tunnel lol, alot easier to fit after the firewall and tunnel mod for the tranny.

    during the fitting process the fuel rail was very close to hitting the firewall so plus its a non return unit so i modded the rail for better fit and function.

    welded some -6AN fittings to the rail and powder coated the rails satin black, you can barely see the new fuel cross over on the front of the rail system now.

    powder coated the lower intake,water pipes and started to mod the shifter location to make it shorter.

    still need to weld this up

    took out the 3in" center section and welded it back together.
    picked up a Craword intake cheap, its a good mod for the motor and with a intake spacer it would raise the intake up too much and hit the strutbar.

    cleaned up the motor and replaced the old rusty valve cover bolts with stainless units, headers, lightweight flywheel, new clutch and added a oil cooler sandwich plate, Samco hoses and tuneup supplies. Going to work on it pretty hard today and mod the front cross member and steering rack postioning for a lower install.

    Stoked to get it back to doing more of this, :sn:

    Mar 31 2011
    Jump a couple days, made a stay for the alternator, got some heims and stainless nutz to weld.

    welded it...

    cleaned it. powder coated it, and installed

    Got my silicone hose kit

    Also got my OBX thermal intake gasket for the lower plenum which rasies it just a hair more but should be fine.

    Apr 07 2011
    Didnt get a chance to work on it most of the week, but got to work on the weekend. I got to actually give her sometime, dropped the front crossmember, got the shifter bracket welded up and removed the old engine mounts. While I had the crossmember out and the suspension is apart I'm going to remake new LCAs and make a jig so I can start producing them. Moved the rack forward also and removed about a pound of 20yo grease :cj: .

    ground it smoothed it and hit it with some sprayon bedliner stuffs.
    dirty and freshly plasma cut.

    Wire brushed and welded for reinforcement

    this is where the rack originally sat

    this is where it sits now

    all done and ready to reinstall and fit the motor for mounts this weekend. Welded and filled the gaps in on the crossmember but it doest show well in the pic.

    Also got custom brake lines made to now mount too the subframe and down the rails, not on the fire wall
    Well today I wanted to fit the motor in and get it close to bolting up this weekend. I got to work early and pulled the dash the seats carpet cut the tunnel out, it really wasnt much material to cut really just need to make the hole taller not longer. Wedged the motor into place and noticed a couple new things I needed to mod up.

    first blood has been spilled!! :twisted:

    from this

    too this

    motor in and needs to go down some more

    plans made for subframe spacing and notching to drop the block more


    cut some DOM tubing for the spacers and welded them up

    reinstalled and motor fits great!

    intake fitment! it actually sits alil lower and back about 3/4 an inch now ill get pics of that after shes hanging on her own weight :h
    Mounts hopefully tomorrow and pull it for final welding and filling.

    I didnt get started today till about 6 oclock, that really killed my momentum, it was a beautiful day here too. I also took the time to move the motor back another 3/5 of an inch which made a a cleaner fit. Cut the flanges off the exhaust cause they were hitting the firewall butis a easy fix, have to mod the drivers side header for steering clearence also.
    Had to "dimple" the firewall for rear water pipe and sensor clearance.

    Then I stared plasma cutting out the mounts and getting them ready to tack in place.

    Move on to a couple hours later the rest of the pieces are cut dimpled and welded into place, thanks to Cody and Jordan for the help welding this thing up.

    Tomorrow will hopefully be the trans mount if I can get the materials together. Now to sandblast and powdercoat.
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    April 16 2011
    Worked on it it alil more and....
    boooom money shot!

    Finally got everything together to make my tranny mount. Thanks to Touge Factory and there hellafast shipping, I got my S13 tranny mount in 2days!

    drilled the tapped factory holes and to use the nicer heavier grade bolts that came with the kit and bolted it up, crazy that its a perfect fit after so long. Started making the bolt cups for my new tranny crossmember.

    Simple DOM piping cut and a thickass washer welded to it.

    Heres the look of it before ground smooth and the mount its self added.

    ***** cell pic but eveythings comming off once again for professional powdercoating.ordering the Drive shaft Monday morning and should have it by friday, DSS has awesome customer service. Tomorrow is finish cleaning up the floor from the old sound deading pull the motor and start the new tunnel.

    april 17 2011
    Only alil progress today, got a free camsensor and 2 coils from pick n pull. Cleaning the passengers and drivers floor boards in prep for welding and paint, tested the 350z pedal and it bolts up right in the factory spot, jus need to space it some for personal preference.Will have the crossmembers, sent off for powdercoat soon and the motor out for finalization this week if all goes well.

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    Apr 19 2011
    Sent the yoke off to DSS for cutom aluminum driveshaft yesterday, should see it soon . Making templates tonight for the tunnel and might make some progress from cardboard to metal.
    Apr 21 2011
    throttle body spacer, Accusump and new carbonfiber Aerocatches on the way!!
    Finished making the new tunnel cap today, pulled the motor and cleaned the floorpans for welding and recoating soon.

    Going to finalize the crossmembers and send them off for professional powdercoating while everythings is getting remade and cleaned.

    Apr 24 2011
    I got a good amount of work done today, tunnel is welded in, firewall is sectioned in and holes welded for a smooth look, swtichwelded alil here and there along the way.

    Then ground down the welds and primed and seam sealed the inside panels

    the shiney section in the middle is for the trannys "backbone" to clear, added more shape too it also.

    Finished smoothing the firewall and got it in primer today, ground the edges down on the tunnel and ruffed the tunnel into the floor.

    Replacing the old "fero" catches with new carbon covered Aerocatches, the old ones will be up for sale soon.

    Apr 27 2011
    Since most of the hard work is done and Im so close to the floor Ive been repairing some of the rust the car has. None of it is terrible but needed attention, started on the easier side and got the passenger side almost completed tonight.
    Old busted, rusted frame to floor brace.

    lil abrasion from the wire wheel and some rust converter and weld thru primer

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    May 01 2011
    Been doing some fund raising and getting things together to finish the car. Traded my old daily truck for a s13 coupe promptly sold it too my friend Chris Nihezzy and got to finishing up and ordering some parts and my harness redo. Got to finalize my welding up the rust holes and new panels and finished that all up in a Hippo brand bedliner material. Looks good and blends it all together well, still alot more work to go, also bought my paint for the engine bay. Its the 2011 Scion TC "cement" color itll make the bay look more industrial and will be easy to touch up than the black. Traded some work also and got a -20 AN fittings for my radiator and coolant elbow and had them welded this weekend. Not much longer to go till it starts, cant wait to hear it run and feel the power it delivers.

    May 02 2011
    Small update, been working on stuff for others to keep this thing moving in the right direction.

    had alil time and added gussets to the tranny crossmemeber

    May 05 2011
    I dropped the crossmembers off at J&J powdercoating yesterday, the older couple there couldnt be nicer to me and there work is topnotch, to bad Im going black wrinkle, wont showcase there quality of prep. Got the right sized belt for running only an alternator and installed it, a 6 rib Vbelt at 32inchs fits perfect.

    swapped my plug for one of the fittings on the oil sandwich plate so i could clock the hoes for the oil cooler down.

    waiting on my new spacers for the hiem tocomein and then its time to fab up the new LCAs. got my new -20 ends welded onto my water neck and radiator now too!

    went from this

    to this with alil filler and prime, painting it tomorrow.

    May 17 2011
    Got my crossmembers back, got them done in black wrinkle and they look really great J&J powdercoating did a awesome job!

    Also installed my 6 puck clutch and got the tranny back one with all the new bolts, need to order starter bolts soon. Pics on the clutch installed didnt go through but here the flywheel lol.

    I modded the front coresupport for ease of motor install and painted the enigne bay.

    fire wall looks alot better than factory.

    May 24 2011
    motor is back in hooking up all the hoses and trying to get the fuel system right. So got a new clutch master, it was the wrong one but i decided to keep it cause it fits the firewall mount but was too short to reach the pedal. I made an extender for it and it works great, best part of it is its aluminum and is much lighter.

    May 26 2011
    update! rotated the vac. nipple on the booster for a cleaner install, cleaned up well and looks good repainted. cheack that valve cover too booster fitment!! :cj:

    cut the fire wall up for the upper intake fitment, going to make a nice bolt on filler panel to close the gap.

    ran a new brake line for the slave, so much cleaner just need to tie it down now.

    Finished modding the cowl and getting ready for a bolt in filler panel.

    had to drill holes for access to the top of the shifter.

    stainless hex bolts for the headlights, got the kit for the fenders so trying to match it up.

    Also to get more workable room I modded the crossover pipe, welded up unused holes and moved the sensor bung up top.

    <br /><br />
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    May 28 2011
    CABZ HERE!! :hb:

    almost the last piece to the puzzle is here and fits great.

    Did not like the gap where I notched the firewall so I made this bosstown fillerpanel.

    harness comes back from Zfever soon and should make my deadline of June 5th.

    radiator in for good now, made new aluminum brackets to hold it down, and have alil friend to keep the motor company <img name="icon" src="" border="0">
    May 30 2011
    Driveshaft is bolted up! sounds easy but DDS couldnt replicate the toyota GTS flange so they used one that has a four bolt pattern and perfect center section that fits like stock. Took off the flange and mated it up, marked and drilled the holes and they were just close enough not to cut right outside the flange but didnt feel safe with it so close. cleaned up and match weighted some thick washers.

    you can see how close the holes are to the edge now.

    bolted the washers down and welded them into place for extra support.<br /><br />
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    Finished the accelerator pedal mount,

    welds and dimples

    Didnt make my deadline for Driftwater....f*@k it Hyperfest is right around the corner so In the mad dash for Driftwater I got alot of things taken care of.
    The moving forward of the rack gave me more angle cause the racks not over centering
    Old picture

    tonight, has a tad more with stress on the wheel, pulls past my notch now

    harness installed, going to clean it up later but not bad for now, installed the MAF and intake
    right side header shortened and rewelded

    remounted the oilcooler alil lower in the bumper opening

    installed anohter 90degree on the lower rad hose so it clears the alternator pulley.
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    im just going to leave this here

    More updates later to day should have it on the ground and the exhaust completely built.
    Worked on her all weekend got the headers done, got the mid pipes done and going to finish the exhaust tomorrow. The fuel system is working awesome and fixed any leaks and ran the lines for vac. using the Hosecandy kit. tied most of everything up and nut and bolted everything, its takes way longer than most would think. Now to finish the exhaust which wont take much and get another ECU and burn from Zfever. ....oh yeah I forgot to mention we had a technical miscommunication and my ecu is a nice paper weight now. Well I still might make it to Hyperfest but itll be a tight date to make. If anyone wants to donate some money I still need front tires, gas for the trailer and Ill promise a ride if you come too Hyperfest <img name="icon" src="" border="0">.
    headers done

    had to make a million pies too make this pipe fit right

    wrapped and installed on the car now, wrap didnt turnout hte best but its fine and tight.

    Ill take pics of the rest of the completed exhaust when finish.
    I got the exhaust done last night going to reinstall it before work and hopefully have it on the ground once again.

    Now to clean up the interior and wiring and get the new gauge installed, ecu is back at Zfever for diag. and hope to have it back by thursday. Start and take it for a drive soon <img name="icon" src="" border="0">
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    The Hyperfest or bust trip was a failfest from start to finish, cars ecu is still causingproblems so now i have 2 nice paper weights. Doug at Zfever has gone over and beyond working with me and helping me out with this build, and has the best customer service. Will stik with him and his crew for more builds.

    Made my extension/ relocarot for the ebrake, going hydro and prob secondary rear calipers, but this works good for now.

    I like welding aluminum, def. grabbing a TIG asap!
    heres the semi finished dash setup for now

    heres the finished product that did run alil but not good enough to drift.

    going to redo the harness for a cleaner look, and drop in some more AN lines for the heating system, those lines and fittings are on the way.
    Its been a while the corolla shouldbe moving under its own power this week after the harness gets back from Zfever in Tampa, Florida. While it was down i did alil more cleaning up and trying to make a working light weight heating system. Took off the steel waterpipes and welded all the holes i had capped, cut off the outlets for the rubber hoses and welded on -12AN bungs for a very functional non leak system.

    I Also picked up another motor mainly for the block and heads to send out to get built.

    Ive decided to build the more to 350/400HP and going to do a few events next year, so cage work new seats and firesafety equipment will be in order. Just hope money and time will let that happen, working on grabbing a celicasupra 7.5 rear end local get it or mabey a good LSD and go from there. Also redoing the exhaust and got Vbands for it for better ground clearence.

    Thanks, it is fast if it has traction, it pulls like a crotchrocket, having a issuse with it cutting spark on me atm but thatll be resolved soon and back on the road.

    10/27/11 Messed with it retorqued the lower intake replaced the MAF and adjusted the Alternator, seems to be doing better ill take her out for a test and see if its good to go again now.

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    Took it out for the first time really at VIRs patriot course, it was fun and will burn fourth at speed. It was a really new experience the car has so much torque and getting use the the extra wheel spin is crazy, it made me spin out alot but after lowering the ring gear down too a 4.1 will help that get under control. Also making new lower control arms and getting a high rartio Quafie steering rack setup.

    Clutch line was drug a couple times worn through, then exploded on a run sent me off course and into the dirt broke the front bumper into a billion pieces. Bumper flew into the brake line simotanously and broke that couldnt stop her other than the hydro and ebrake lol, broke a O2 sensor, meh, no biggie going to relocate them up and away from the ground more.

    Did tandem with a friend earlier, I spun he went around me, he spun later while I was trying to cathc up too him and close the gap he spun and i was going toooo fast. Bam into the door and quater easy fix though, thank god theres a clean coupe at the local pick n pull.

    WEll heres a pic of some of the damage from the tandem "tap" I had lol.

    might find its way into a new FRS?

    new group A mucsle bear (goodline) kit installed tape lol

    built a new front and rear bashbar for the car, strong and holds the bumper beautifully.

    Making new LCAs for the S13.4 conversion (BADDLINE S186 conversion LCAs)Email me if interested in your own set

    Also selling aluminum Manual rack adapter bushings for 55.00 shipped
    Heart breaker ebrake knobs for AE86 35.00 shipped
    First one installed on CJ of the "Heartbreakers" VAs 86 hatch.

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    Last week was a busy one, took the car to the dyno right before hyperfest too make sure she was running healthy and found an injector problem.

    Fixed that and didnt have time to redyno, made it to Hyperfest and had a great time. Went too the Drift Nirvana event the next day at summit point and had a blast at the Jefferson circut, only vids I have are from my amazing girlfriend.

    These were the first couple runs of the day getting use to the track and layout took a while but landed a second place spot in the competition :thumbup:

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    reargeared to 3.9 now and has a complete WEIR rebuild with his huge axel kit, power is much better now and doesnt run out like it use too up top.

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