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Thread: Tons of AE86 goodies TODA/WHITELINE/T3 (604)

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    Tons of AE86 goodies TODA/WHITELINE/T3 (604)

    UPDATED, SOLD PARTS REMOVED, NEW PARTS ADDED. MESSAGE ME! Going for a 3SGTE and IRS so I'm selling off some of my rad Corolla bits, help a car boy out! All prices are negotiable but fair already so please no hard lowballing, I got no time for that. All parts are still on the car, I won't pull anything until I get a deposit as I don't have space for a shell and parts all over the place at the same time. Thanks!

    Toda Catback - I love this exhaust. Sounds unreal, quiet at idle, makes some good racket higher in the rpms but still carries a healthy note. Great under axle, kicks the **** out of anything else I've heard on a 4AGE. Couple dents in the can from previous owner but none piercing. Solid craftsmanship, great welds, and its genuinely baller. Save some money over a Megan and get better results! $350

    MSD Blaster 2 Ignitor Coil - Great condition - $40

    Stock Replacement Radiator - Great condition - Cap's good - $100

    Package deals available if you're interested. PM me for any info.
    Located in Vancouver.


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