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Thread: Please vote! Allow animated GIF's in member signatures?

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    tap talk doesn't show sigs :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migs View Post
    No, I'm just tired of people putting effort in, and yes that's myself included, then asses going out of their way to slowly push them to the brink of redundancy. Steve, you don't manage, you program and every now and then YOU decide what is and isn't allowed. Funny...sounds like the way I ran things way back before I brought you then others to the fold and then WE made rules in order to establish transparency and understanding for everyone.

    I put my gif up to prove a point. GIF's are now allowed, but what kinds? How big? What content? Who will be offended? Who won't? I thought the puking thing was hilarious. Others didn't. So now it's not allowed? But they actually are. PEOPLE VOTED. This is a "democracy" isn't it Steve? No wait...IT ISN'T.

    You guys just don't think. I wanted to generate a real conversation and get those noggin's grinding. It's not about the girl puking gif, it's about understanding the overall issue. And the topic isn't JUST GIF'S. Jesus, think outside the box for a change.

    As for me being above the do you figure Devin? GIF's became allowed and I posted one. You posted a GIF when they weren't. Who's in the wrong? And omg, did Junglematic just lecture me on DECENCY?!

    Steve, as for removing my mod status, grow up. If you really feel the need to "punish" me, then do what you want, I honestly don't care. The only thing I do with my "mod" status is the house cleaning needed here and there on the board. You thought the issue about GIF's was funny, and considering it's a rule that you signed off on with the rest of us all those years ago, it makes your status as any kind of management figure here on DK kind of ridiculous don't you think? And then I get punished for calling you on it? hahaha and now the dictator abuses his power...

    And no, I'm not a dick. I'm an outspoken intelligent adult that isn't afraid to initiate conversation. If you choose to take offence to that, it's certainly an option you can take.

    Anyways, I'm gonna get back to my life now. Hopefully some of you actually did a little critical thinking over this issue and I bet some of you even appreciate what I'm trying to say. I'm fighting for people to actually give a **** and think about others. That's how this community works.


    Dood, it's a tiny internet forum in a sea of millions, nobodies trying to change the Canadian Bill of Rights here.... Don't sweat the petty things?

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    GIF stopper works nicely. Customize the world to your desires.
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    I'm sick of looking at mine. At least I beat Migs. That's all it was really about.
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    That's just bloody annoying ^
    Quote Originally Posted by Duy- View Post
    watcha doing neighbour?
    puttin speed holes in my car

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    Hulk will smash your gifs

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