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Thread: my 1986 corolla gts

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    my 1986 corolla gts

    my old sr5.. i miss it soo much cause it was my first car and i had SOOOO much fun and it ran soo goood but interior was STRIPPED.. too bad.. i couldnt keep it and had to sell it to get insurance on my gts
    it even had the PAINTED BLACK hood and the wheel wells werent rusted in but it was bondo'ed over and painted..looked bad but not as bad as the "brown" rust in my gts.. soo sad

    heres a pic of my old car and my older brother's 94 tt supra
    we now both moved onto black cars with my black gts and his imported usdm 98 ttsupra

    and here it is the gts needs a good driver side fender and 70 percent of the rust is gone
    which i have but i need to paint it to black but i dont have any time to do that

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    nice cars man.

    Your brother has very nice cars as well.....
    Noel Aviles

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