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Thread: LSD options for the 86?

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    oem is built differently than the trd, kaaz etc. So it isnt considered 1 or 2way but if you were to compare, it is equivalent to a 50% 2way lsd. TRD is 60% 2way and kaaz is about 95% 2way. OEM apparently doesnt take a day of clutch kicks at the track very well so it depends on your purpose.
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    Cusco MZ 2 way is not idea for a daily. People will think your car is broken when doing slow tight turns and parallel parking from the noise when it locks. TRD unit would be best if you can find one in your budget.

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    My fav for daily are Cusco mz 2 way and kaaz 2 way, I've not driven my welded enough to know what it is rike....

    NEVER BUY A OBX diff!

    I'd save for something better then a stock unit if you plan to drift lots, or buy a ton of rebuild kits.

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    Cusco MZ is the ****. Ran one on my last car, so aggressive.
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    Just save up your pennies and buy a Cusco LSD. Especially if you want to daily it and get some dori action. Anything else would be second best for this application.

    Skip the oem Toyota diff, they tend to break under motorsports use. TRD is a smooth unit, but the clutches are physically smaller than the Cusco ones.
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    Here is my down low. I build diffs for competition on the regular that are tuned to the driver. (Porsche Motorsport crap)

    No one has yet mentioned the ramp rate or preload. This is what makes a diff what it is. 2 way, or 1 way, doesn't mean **** really.

    The ramp rate dictates what sees load quicker, with more force. So I f I said to you, the ramp is 60/40 it means your accel ramps up 20% quicker to full lock than your decal would. The simple explanation on this would be a 1.5 way. Locks harder on accel than decal. this means your accel ramp is steeper than your decal. Now its time to tune pre load. A diff that has lots of preload will seem welded, but smooth. this is because the there is always pressure on the plates. Its predictable, works. Now I have had to build diffs that are violent. This means I build them to act like an open on light load, but walk up the ramp quick and jump into full lock faster, rather than progressive. Its violent, and less consistent but a good driver can catch it.

    So my take. KAAZ and Tomie are similar. Different ramps and preload, but same basic structure.(I prefer Tomie, more violent) TRD is probably a KAAZ, just mellow ramps resulting in a better daily. Cusco is far off, probably the same manufacturer, just there own preload/ramps/stack height. OBX is gear type diff, complete garbage. Welded is welded. Its quick, easy, works, but will always be slower than a proper diff.

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    700'ish for a new Tomei is a DEAL.
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    So many opinions on an ancient topic. Has this ever been discussed before? lol


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    First time , no one has LSD yet, its too expensive to get set up.
    Just buy a complete pumpkin with usdm OEM LSD its soo good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duy- View Post
    TOMEI 2 way
    -is it a kaaz LSD that got rebadge? everything seems the same
    You are correct.

    It would be interesting if we could discuss each LSD's Ramp Rate for comparison.
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    The angle of the cam
    Clamping force.

    There is a reason you spend a grand on a Cusco or Kazz, it's so you don't need to worry about this ****.

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    1. blew up an open diff
    and then
    2. blew up another open diff
    and then
    3. had a buddy weld one up> lasted three weeks before the side gears literally shattered and ended up in the bottom of my axle housing weird considering they were welded to the housing and to the planets and the planets were also welded to the case..
    and then
    4. blew up another open diff
    and then
    5. bought a kaaz, and have had no issues since. drivability is good, locks hard, doesn't break all the time. win

    -Brett- a corolla...

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