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Thread: Most accurate gauges

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    My 4ag never sees over 230 for the most part on track days
    I am your 4ajesus

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    Yeah I think the highest I have ever gone was 230-40. During a comp so...

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    Ya, you wont cook an oil at 230, 270 with typical stuff, your starting to get into the danger zone. But you wont bake it out. Only danger is these temps under continuous loads and RPMs. Most cars wont see them. One of the main problems with oil temps is frothing/air. This stems from 2 or 3 distinct problems. In piston engines, you get windage, nature of the best, a baffle helps to aid this in the oil return process. Next, is air getting into the system. Its a common place and look over by many builders. I could go into detail, but the notoriously famous spots for this is the pick up tube to block, and the oil pump to block areas. There prone to injesting air and creating froth. The last but easiest to deal with is your oil. Multi weight oils are a serious culprit when used in race applications. This is because of the plastics used to create a viscosity change. Its ****ing terrible for causing frothing.

    That being said, oil is touchy subject with people. There simple, but complicated. Honestly, a 5 degree difference wont make or break anything. I don't use anything special, just good mineral oils, im not a synthetic kinda guy.

    PS, 10 psi at idle is terrible. haha.

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