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Thread: 3/4 in rear swaybar using polyurethane bushings

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    That's true Clay,
    It's way to simplified the way I put it.
    But for 90% of ae86 corollas running the standard drift spring rates of 8/6 removing the rear bar will get you more rear grip.

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    Im surprised no one has mentioned adjustable links. Time and time again... when I have a corner balance to do, the way bars are jackin hard. It all depends on setup, and what kind of forward/side bite your looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt-McGirt View Post
    Im surprised no one has mentioned adjustable links.
    Hands down best mod you can do.
    Put links in and you're blown away. Most mods I do I don't even notice a change.


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    Yeah Paul, your advice is probably bang on for most people on this forum. Just wanted to post something because i was drunk i guess. Dunno.

    Adjustable links are money. No tail chasing trying to dial in a car thats jacking. Then there is wedging and de-wedging the car for tracks that are predominantly left or right handers... lots of things you can do. A good set of scales are handy.
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